5MM LED footprint upside down?

Utter noob here: I’ve been using FreePCB for years, but decided it was time to grow up and learn KiCad. So I started with a rediculously simple project I don’t intend to make.

In my schematic, I have an LED and a resistor. I connected the resistor to the anode of the led. See Over simple schematic When I generated the netlist, assigned the 5mm LED footprint to the LED and imported the netlist into PCB new, it draws the cathode of the LED to the resistor. See Over simple PCB It seems the component has pin 1 the anode and 2 the cathode, but the footprint has pin 1 the cathode and 2 the anode. Perhaps I get to learn how to edit a footprint?

Oh. Does this forum let you show an image in the post?

Torby (Yes, Torby from AVRfreaks.net.)

I would recommend nuking the netlist then editing the schematic symbol to make Pin 1 the Cathode and regenerating/importing the netlist. The Pin 1 = K is in accordance with common industry practice (and in a similar fashion, polarized caps have Pin 1 = +); historically the symbols and footprints provided with KiCad used Pin 1 for the Anode. The library maintainers have recently … ‘rectified’ this and caused you all that pain. :slight_smile: So you likely have an older schema symbol and a newer footprint.

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Ok. I’ve edited the LED component in the device library, but the Save Library menu option is grayed out. The libraries seem to be stored in c:\program files\kicad\share\kicad\library As an old software guy, I recognize this as a bad idea. Should I move the libraries elsewhere so I can save them?

i @Torby,

in some way -

[quote=“Torby, post:5, topic:1150”]
As an old software guy, I recognize this as a bad idea.
[/quote] you are right -
and in some way i think for the build in libs as a starting point its fine :wink:
you will have your own librarys in short time so you eventually don’t need the default ones anymore…
for the footprints there is a option to automagically save modified versions to a user-defined path.
the lib things/managment in eeschema will be update somewhere in the future… :smile:

if you gained enough trust - yes :wink:

sunny greetings