3d Models added by hand are lost with "update pcb from schematics"


Another problem of @donaldshimoda is that he runs nightlies. Nightlies require a deeper understanding of the software then a stable release. (There is no documentation and if some major change is made it is not communicated for simple users. I am not so sure this fact is well communicated by the kicad website.)

He should really have read the β€œIs it a good idea to use a nightly build version?” section of the FAQ before jumping into using nightlies.


Well, people, maybe everybody must calm down.

Facts are i use nitghies, libraries are pretty broken (because are nigthies as Rene states here) and finally: i dont care that dont work, I already say was not a problem for me. If you fill bad about the fact that dont work is other problem, not my problem. Is ok, i know what implies use of beta software , dont need to read a document expolaining that because im a software developer also.

Thanks for all the information. Is clear the problem is im using beta release (or aplha) and the only problem i have is 3d models. Is trivial, in any case.

Best regards.


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