3D footprint of user made components

I need to generate a VRML file of my pcb. But as most of the component footprints used are not default kicad components but made by me, i am not able to get their 3D view.
Is there any way to get their 3D view except for making their mechanical design in other software?

You can search the internet for your components.
For a start you can look in this threat.

If you design them yourself i would suggest using freecad and @maui’s step up scripts.

(This script will be usefull even if you find your components somewhere. Most likely you will find step files.)

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For me it is the other way round: I am able to see the 3D version with components I added from third party but the original kiCAD 3d parts are mostly missing. How can this be?

I would like to send a photo if I could.

For every OS/desktop there are screenshot programs… just save the file and load it up in your reply.

As for missing 3D parts… check the folders for the parts (.VRML?) and the paths for your KiCAD install for the 3D stuff…
You can load single 3D shapes via the footprint editor properties dialog, even if they’re not in the path that it’s looking for.

Generally KiCad 3D model libraries have to be download from GitHub from a menu item in pcbnew

Depends on the operating system i guess. The fedora package includes the symbol and 3d libraries. (Footprint libs come from github anyway. But the fp-lib-table is included in the package)
I think for some linux distributions it is a separate package so that an update of kicad does not destroy your libraries. (If the user changed kicad internal libs.)

3D Shape Libraries Downloader
Add 3D Shape Library Wizard


  1. I know how to make a screen shoot, but see no option to upload it HERE. (?)
    Anyway here is an image of what I achieved so far using C4D based on the VRML export:

  2. I think I did that right with the lib wizard, since I was able to integrate a 2D lib + 3D lib from the internet.
    There was a path issue which I could solve. The first try of 3D model export directly worked using VRML, having the models in a subdirectory. The strange thing is that it is the the internal models wich do not work. And it is not an issue of the export since already the invernal 3D viewer does not show the parts in 2D. I cannot see anything what I might have overlooked: I have links for all my components between SCH and PCB, And in the PCB, I can find all 2D Models. I am also able to route the signals. Everything worls so far I can judge that.

But: The 3D Model viewer does not show most of the models. Although there are 3D-models present in the kiCAD folder. Is it possible that not all of the 2D Models are linked to a 3D Model?

The missing parts are mostly R and C, meaning common devices.


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Can you check the footprints without 3D shapes in the footprint editor?

As I said, you can navigate to any file on your machine and see if they’re really missing or not working.

Windows 7 64bit the KiCAD 3D shapes are located here:

C:\Program Files\KiCad\share\kicad\modules\packages3d

Careful: the file selector windows with the 3D model might confuse people who are still using the ‘stable’ release since the stable UI looks very different.

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OK, you won’t have the preview, but you can add 3D shapes with complete paths right there and once you hit [OK] and then use the 3D viewer [Alt]+[F3] you can check if the file is working.