32 pin QFN32_MCH Not in library?

I want to use a 32 pin QFN with pad device. The footprint id is showing QFN32_MCH but the footprint browser is warning me: fp-lib-table files contain no library with nickname “”

No footprint is showing up.

This is my first project with KiCad so I am trying to learn my way around it!

Do I just go looking for a different QFN32 footprint and check it against the actual device datasheet?

(Edit) So I have found the 7x7mm 32 pin QFN footprints. I need .65mm pitch and the datasheet says the thermal pad is 2.25mm to 5.25mm wide? I guess that is a min and max size for the pcb pad, so I can use the footprint with 4.7x4.7mm pad?

Didn’t looked for footprints you mentioned.
Have in mind that you always can design your own footprint. It is much, much simpler task then designing PCB.

Welcome @rich55

Would be much better to use this footprint as a starting point and then modify it to the recommended shape.
Start here:https://forum.kicad.info/t/tutorial-how-to-make-a-footprint-in-kicad-5-1-x/11092
This is part of the FAQ at the top of this page.

It is well worth learning to create and modify footprints and schematic symbols very early in your adventure. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have questions or problems after digesting the tutorial, please get back to this forum. There are many willing bodies able to help.

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