Wanted Card edge connectors 3.96mm


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Respectfully, you may be feeling frustrated, but the tone in your message won’t encourage anyone to help you.


Ummmm . . . . footprints for the CK-722, the pp35 opamp, and the 80 rectifier, are likewise scarce - possibly for similar reasons?

I suggest you seed this Forum’s “Search” feature with a string such as “card edge connector”. In particular, I recall the S-100 bus connector being discussed several months ago - and that discussion may well provide other useful links. Many of us are of the persuasion that it’s often faster to create a symbol or footprint than to hunt one down, especially if you have a similar footprint or symbol as a starting point. (If I understand your initial post correctly, you have specifically denounced a Forum member’s attaching a file or illustration to serve as such a starting point. Some folks actually choose to be hoisted by their own petard.)





@Ben1 has received the benefits of reasonable doubt. You may start preparing the tar and feathers in the event they are needed.



I am still free to comment the product.
Find me BUS_S100_M.kicad_mod in the latest version?(S100 fingers).
Sure I can make my own footprint, but it nice to have TESTED version
of something.


It is customary to include a link to the datasheet (or dimensioned drawing) of a part if one asks for help with finding or designing a footprint or symbol for it.


I think may be no one contribute to the library.
If that what I have to work with, I will take the Caliper out, and start to measure and use the footprint editor to draw it. You may be done in blink of the eye, unless you can google it. Also there are Footprint Wizard that can help you create it for footprint that have 10+ PADs easily…


What would you proposed to release stress and regain motivation after days of hard work (possibly free of charge) ?


Are you willing to trust some stranger to tested it? And are willing to trust their test procedure? I don’t. I still have to verified myself.


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I’d say you calm down there for a minute and start over.
As you can see this thread will go nowhere useful, because of your attitude.