How to do a combination footprint with dissimilar devices


Hello I try to generate a foot print and 3dshapes for a
combination of light pipe and two leds.
I’m stumped how to organize this. Ideally i would have one
footprint for all three so that it is not possible to get the
positions of led and light pipe wrong. I assume i could
create a footprint with 3 units for this and one would be for
the light pipes but I’m not sure if that is the best approach.
For he 3dshape I’m still more stumped. Is it possible to have
3 components that are not connected in a 3dshape?
Datasheet at


What do you mean by “units”? KiCad footprints don’t have such a feature, unless you mean just having logically different real-world parts together in one footprint. That’s what I would do.

You can add several .step files into one footprint, so you don’t have to combine the 3d models into one 3d file.


I meant interchangeable units for the schematic, like an dual op amp with 3 units, 2 for the op amps and one
for the power supply. This way the schematic would determinate which parts should get together.

So this means i can add 3 step files in cadquery to the footprint and if i export it to KiCAD it will contain all 3 parts.