How to change background color on schematic symbol?


I need to create symbol similar to picture, even it will looks not functional or practical


For what purpose?

Maybe KiCAD is the wrong tool for the job, but without a job description or knowledge what you want to achieve it’s hard to give advice.


My Kicad is The 2013 old stable release.

I have request that I described In my topic. And I trying to figure out if its possible and what options I have to do that.


Well, then… afaik this is where you can set the fill color for the body of all symbols in EEschema. 1 color, all the same, no extras, no rainbow… and even when they finish EEschema refurbishment in a year or so I doubt this would be possible.

Take note this is a nightly version 2016-11-19 revision 888c5d2


Yea, I know that.

Maybe I can add a lot of multicolored squares by add it as many individual images

But I dont see this option on module editor, only at eeschema


Correct, images aren’t part of a symbol definition, as symbols usually are simplified, functional, descriptive drawings of real devices, sometimes even broken up into several sub symbols.

Why don’t you put this image (scaled correctly) behind a see-through symbol if it’s a one-off event?

scaled up (factor 200):

Color values might not all be exact the same as I just scaled the image from above down to single pixels with weighted average function (grey patch left top is a little bit lighter than the one in the top center for example, i.e. RGB values of patch x are not exactly RGB values of patch y, although they look the same).


How can I do that? and how make it behind the text and pins?


What I meant, put it into EEschema behind the symbol which has no fill.
You won’t be able to have the image appear/load with the symbol as single unit… thus I said “'for a one off event”.
The image needs to appear first in the .sch file, then the components.


oh, ic, every time will need it to do manually.
need to come up with something that It will be one, ready to use, schematic symbol


Have fun with the source code then… good luck.


any way, thank you for help!


Let’s hope to god KiCad doesn’t turn into Fritzing :scream:


Why are yo using this obsolete release for new work?


My company prefer using old stable version. I’m just follow requirements


Hmm, 4.0.5 is the officially released and supported stable version.
I don’t think bug reports on 2013 builds will be seriously examined.

In your situation, you should not be using Nightly builds


I made as you said, looks good, but still temporary solution


Hm… the symbol you showed that was self made had squares instead of rectangles.
If you then download the image I uploaded up there (either version is fine, you save a lot of file size if you take the very tiny 13x13 pixel version though) and put that behind that symbol with square ‘pads’ it should look better.

Anyhow… why do you do this?
I understood you have to do it for someone, but don’t they know how 99.9% of the people doing professional electronics design create such symbols?


Its for custom automated design


Sounds interesting. Would you care to elaborate on that a bit more.


I think it’s an interesting idea actually. Having a matrix of pins instead of the typical pins around a box type symbol does save a significant amount of space. Not sure how practical it would be but looks interesting.